BSR Summer School day 2: the Imperial forums

4/9/08 – 4.10pm

Another really interesting day, based on imperial fora.  Spent the first part of the day in the Capitoline museums, where we got an amazing view over the Forum Romanum on one side and the Theatre of Marcellus on the other.  Also saw – very briefly – the Hall of the Emperors and also the Consular Fasti.

Theatre of Marcellus

View of the Theatre of Marcellus from the Capitoline Museums

From there, it was down to the Forum Romanum where we saw various temples, arches and basilica, and also the House of the Vestal Virgins.  It was much hotter today but have coped ok and only got sunburnt a little on shoulders, where I was evidently not diligent enough with the suncream.

Forum Romanum

The Forum Romanum

We stopped for lunch in the shade of some pine trees next to the Forum of Nerva and also got ice cream (banana for me again) from a little gelateria opposite.  After lunch we visited the Forum of Caesar, where there are excavations going on which will be published next year – so got to learn stuff which, I am assured, not even my esteemed college tutor knows about!

Venus Genetrix

All that remains of Julius Caesar's temple to Venus Genetrix

Then we got the bus back to the BSR where Caitlin and I somehow found our way to the local supermarket.  I bought some brioche to have for breakfast, and the Italian equivalent of Milko – yummy.  Now feeling shattered so going to have a little nap.


Had a very enjoyable evening.  The lecture today was about Augustus, so familiar ground but good revision.  Really starting to get to grips with the layout of Rome and its monuments which is fantastic – the course is proving really valuable.

Dinner was lovely, and we stayed chatting til long after the dinner things had been cleared away. We had pasta, then meatloaf, then fruit, then espresso.  Delicious.

Feel very privileged to be here – it’s a fantastic experience and absolutely brilliant to be seeing all the places I’ve studied.  Ara Pacis tomorrow!!  I reckon after this course I could easily come back here on my own or with Nel and be fine getting around the city and so on.

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