St Peter’s Basilica at night

I’ve just returned from a week in Rome and have lots to write about, so there will be more blog posts coming soon! In the meantime, I thought I’d share a rather cool pic I took on my iPhone last week of St Peter’s Basilica at dusk.

St Peter's at nightNight photography is difficult and I don’t have a tripod! But there will be more to follow once I get the photos off my proper camera.

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2 Responses to St Peter’s Basilica at night

  1. najia says:

    Is it possible to visit Vatican Museums at night?

  2. Nice picture ! You have to see all major attractions in Rome at least twice, during day and in the evening because they all have wonderfull in the evening with the lightning. May favorite in the evening is piazza dell Populo.

    Quick tip about photography without a tripod. There is almost always some pole or so steady object around pushing your hand holding the camera to a wall or tree removes a lot of the shaking.

    I really like your writing and your always more then welcome to guest post on my site as well 🙂

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