About Rachel’s Rome Writings

Rachel McCombie

Rachel McCombie in Rome

I have created this blog as a place to record the wonderful times I have spent in Rome.  It’s a space for me to write up the journals I’ve kept each time I’ve visited; for me to share recommendations on everything from archaeological sites to B+Bs; for me to talk about recent Rome news; basically, a space for all things Rome-related!

Please do leave a comment and share your love of Rome!

Rachel McCombie

2 Responses to About Rachel’s Rome Writings

  1. Bernadine says:

    Great blog…we just found it….leaving for 3 weeks in Italy and staying a week in Rome ….from Oct.25-3 weeks later….and signed up for you tweets..we’ve been in the summer and are looking forward to the cool and maybe rainy fall…and have never stayed in Rome for this long….we’re going to use a lot of your recommendation ….thanks…..Bernadine

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